Short Stories

Cover of Carousel Magazine Volume 23

Operation Triangle

Through sticky notes and a cleverly spun mission debrief, field support agent Elena Martinez helps field agent Nathaniel Dewar justify the luxury items he charged to the CIA’s corporate credit card while he was in France rescuing his buddy from the evil Docteur Mort. 

Published in Carousel Magazine, Volume 23

Cover of Undercurrents anthology

Improbable Mission Force

Starfighter pilot Daniel “Sapper” Westphal has a reputation as a loose cannon and a bad habit of jumping on his commander’s buttons with both feet. When he’s transferred to what he thinks is an elite training squadron, he quickly learns that there are some situations where you have to obey orders, or you don’t come back alive. 

Published in the anthology 'Undercurrents' by Third Person Press

Cover of Airborne anthology

Wild Helicopters of the Australian Outback

Abby Beckett returns from university with a new weapon specially designed to take down the sentient, battery-powered helicopters who leech electricity from her family’s floating wind farm. But when Abby is accidentally stranded in the desert with a wild chopper, she discovers that they may be useful after all. 

Published in the anthology 'Airborne' by Third Person Press

Cover of Tesseracts Fifteen anthology

A+ Brain

C- student David wants to get into college so he can party with his older brother, but instead of working harder in school, he has his brain replaced with a high achieving model. He expects to slack off and play video games while his new brain does all the work. His brain has other ideas. 

Published in the anthology 'Tesseracts Fifteen' by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

Cover of Unearthed anthology

One Word

After being kidnapped and forced to work in an ice mine by rebels who want to take back the moon for America, Adam Cunningham hatches an escape plan with a newly arrived prisoner who knows what they’re really mining. But they have to be careful – prisoners who speak aloud are put to death. 

Published in the anthology 'Unearthed' by Third Person Press

Cover of Futuredaze anthology

Me and My Army of Me

Miles Porter is sick of his douchebag lab partner Ralph accidentally-on-purpose ruining his stuff. As a shrimp, he stands no chance of winning the fight he stupidly challenged Ralph to… unless he can use his mad scientist powers to summon an army of himselves to enter the fray. 

Published in the anthology 'Futuredaze' by  Underwords Press

Cover of Grey Area anthology

Grey Area

Paul Fosterling wakes up in a forest where time is slowed and everything is black and white. There’s something he needs to remember, something he has to fix, but when he’s taken through to the occluded dimension, the administration is more interested in banishing him to a casino-based purgatory, where his gambling problem will make sure he never earns his way out. 

Published in the anthology 'Grey Area' by Third Person Press

Cover of Kisses by Clockwork anthology

Lady Presto Magnifico and the Disappearing Glass Ceiling

After the death of her stage magician father, Penelope Sanbourne is left with only the clothes on her back and the clockwork tricks that made her father’s career. Unfortunately, it’s Victorian London. No one will hire a lady magician, except Edwin Forrester. He claims to be a theater owner, but is he really just after her clockwork? 

Published in the anthology 'Kisses by Clockwork' by Ticonderoga Publications

Cover of Future Embodied anthology


First World countries haven’t needed doctors for decades thanks to the standardization of computerized immune systems. But when people who can’t get sick start falling ill, Dr. Jenny Harper is offered the chance of a lifetime: to resurrect the Centers for Disease Control and save overcrowded Atlanta from being wiped out by a mysterious new disease. 

Published in the anthology 'The Future Embodied' by Simian Publishing

Hair Trigger

Liesel Cormack blames Adam Cunningham for her sister’s death. When her fighter squadron is ordered to disguise themselves as civilians and provide cover while Adam and his reconnaissance team search the moon’s cave systems for a rebel nuke, it’s a race to see which will explode first: the situation, or Liesel’s temper. 

Published in the anthology 'Flashpoint' by Third Person Press

Cover of Strangely Funny 2 1/2 anthology

Stephen, the Well-Adjusted Vampire

After moving to a new town (again) getting a new job at the local funeral home (obviously) and landing a girlfriend (finally) normal-guy vampire Stephen is royally pissed to discover that his brooding teenage brother is (once again) stalking high school girls who (for some reason) find his angst attractive. 

Published in the anthology 'Strangely Funny 2 1/2' by Mystery and Horror LLC

Enter the Apocalypse anthology cover

Nightmare Factory

Bonnie Brymer, the on-call smallpox expert for NATO’s Bioterror Response Unit, is hoping for a shot at glory. But when the Russian mafia mails weaponized smallpox to a hacker, it might well be the end of everything. 

Published in the anthology 'Enter the Apocalypse' by TANSTAAFL Press

Cover of Schoolbooks and Sorcery anthology

The Chosen One

Haitian pre-mage student Rene Toussaint is on a mission to force his  magic to Break early. Both his parents are mages, so he doesn't doubt the magic will choose him, but he doesn't want to wait until he grows up. If he puts his life in danger enough, the magic will HAVE to step in to save him. But it better hurry up, before he accidentally kills himself!

Published in the anthology 'Schoolbooks and Sorcery' by Riverdale Avenue Books

Cover of On Spec magazine issue 119

Dragon's Fire

1917: the world is at war over the exclusive trade deal between Britain and China for Dragon's Breath, the inert gas that makes airships float. Tired of being excluded from the family business due to her gender and deafness, Long Xiang stows away on an airship bound for Halifax. She hopes to reunite with her long lost girlfriend, but after a harbor collision reveals what the airship is REALLY carrying, Xiang will be lucky to make it out alive.

Published in On Spec magazine, Issue 119