Interactive Media

Minot's Legde Lighthouse, a painting by Waud

Lighthouse Peril Escape Room

A munitions ship approaches the harbour. Its radio is out and it's on course to crash into the shore. You have 30 minutes to activate the old lighthouse and warn the ship off the rocks before it explodes and obliterates half the town. Unfortunately, the old lighthouse was wired by Ida Belle Huntington, a former World War II code breaker. To activate the light, you need to flip the correct circuit breakers in the correct order. Ida was the lighthouse keeper here for many years, until she recently fell ill and died. Hopefully if you search through her things, you will find the clues she left behind. 

Balliol College dining hall, Oxford

Pixie Panic Escape Room

It's your first year at magic school and you're so excited! You run to the dining hall early for lunch and accidentally knock over a cage containing your professor's pixies. They immediately fly away and hide. With only thirty minutes to go before lunch, can you find all of the pixies and get them back in the cage before anyone sees what you did? If your professor finds out, you might fail the class before it even starts! 

A living room decorated for Christmas

Grinch Invasion Escape Room

It's early Christmas morning, and you've come downstairs to discover that your house has been hit by a grinch! The gifts Santa left for your six children are locked up all over your living room. You have 30 minutes to find them and put them back in the correct boxes before your kids come downstairs and see that Christmas is ruined! 

Rexxie Rescue Adventure Game

You go to the library one day to see your favorite staff member, Rexxie the T-Rex Librarian, only to find out that she has been kidnapped by dastardly hunters from Dino Park. Your goal is to rescue Rexxie from Dino Park. Choose your actions wisely, or you might end up getting eaten or arrested.